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Star Shine Bracelet Kit Instructions

Star Shine Bracelet KitInstructions:

1. Preparation:

a. Open your packages and separate your beads. b. Gather your tools and other materials.

2. Create Crystal Wraps:

a. Take your eye pin and add your round crystal bead to it. b. Using your pliers, create a wrap to secure the bead. c. Repeat this step five times or as many times as needed depending on your design preferences.

3. Attach Stars to Crystals:

a. Open all your jump rings using your pliers. b. For each jump ring, add a star charm and the loop on your crystal bead, then close the jump ring securely. c. Repeat this step until you have attached all your stars to the crystals.

4. Attach Chain and Clasp:

a. On one end of the chain, use a jump ring to attach the clasp securely. b. On the other end, add the remaining jump rings, ensuring each is closed securely. c. If you’re using a chain, ensure that the length is appropriate and adjust if necessary.

5. Create and Attach Crystal Drop:

a. Take another head pin and a round crystal bead and create a drop. b. Using a jump ring, attach the created drop to the bottom of your chain securely.

Final Review:

a. Before wearing, review the entire bracelet to ensure all components are securely attached. b. Make any final adjustments as needed to suit your preferences.

Enjoy your newly crafted Starshine Bracelet!

Updated on 07 May 2024