DIY Sun Catcher Kit - Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher

Cut your chain into 2 equal sections, and set aside.

Center your pendulum on your wire and on each side add the following.

  • Bicone

  • Heart
  • Pendant

  • Heart
  • Pendant

Bring both wires back together and up through your last bicone.

Add your round, Rondell, and Saucer Bead.

Pull tightly, and twist your wires together.

Begin a loop as you would an earring, adding a piece of chain, and completign your wrap.

Trim excess wires.

Open a jump ring, and add the end of your chain, and 1 half of your octagon. 

Use another jump ring to connect the other side of your octagon to your remaining chain.

Add you last jump ring for hanging.

Updated on 21 Mar 2023