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Captured Crystal Earring Kit

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Captured Crystal Earring Kit


Seperate your jump rings by size.  

  • 16 - 10mm
  • 4 - 6mm
  • 6 - 5mm

Open all of your jump rings

Take 2 of your closed rings, add 1 large jump ring to each side of the closed jump rings.

Connect 2 more lartge jump rings to the previous 2 jumnp rings, close

Lay 1 of your 8mm round crystal in the center of your jump ring.

pull your 2 jump rings up that are not connected to your closed rings to capture your crystal.

Add 2 more large jump rings to hold the crystal in place.

Add 2 more jump rings.

Let them drop to the side.

Add another Crystal.

Pull the rings up capture your crystal.

Add 2 of your medium jump rings to the top of your large jump rings.

Connect your lever back with your small jump ring.

On the bottom of your earring use a small jump ring to connect your pear pendant to your closed jump rings.

Repeat for you second earring. 

Updated on 21 May 2024