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Poinsettia Ornament Kit Instructions

Poinsettia Ornament Kit

Remove the protective coating from your acrylic sparkle frame (front and back).

Take your wire cut a 3" piece off set aside.   


Now Center 7 pendants on your remaining wire. 


Double your wire to form your poinsettia, bringing wires up.  Pull tightly

Take your 3 inch wire, and center your green crystal.

Bring your ends together, through the center of your flower (If your green bead goes through, you need to pull tighter). Pull the wires up to the wires on your flower.

Twist all wires together tightly, and create a loop (just like the photo).

Use a jump ring to connect your flower to the frame.

Open another jump ring to attach the eye-pin to the top hole of your frame. Close jump ring.

On your eye-pin adda bicone, roundel, pave bead, roundel, and bicone. and wrap.


Attach your last jump ring


Updated on 01 May 2024