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Aurora Bracelet Kit Instructions

Step 1) String a saucer, 6mm bicone, crimp and 4mm bicone.

Aurora Bracelet Kit

Step 2) Add your clasp, and back through your beads. Pull tightly and crimp.

Step 3) Begin stringing your pattern.

6mm cube / saucer / bicone / saucer / 8mm cube / saucer / bicone / saucer

Step 4) Repeat pattern until your last cube.

Step 5) String a saucer, 6mm bicone, crimp, and 4mm bicone.

Step 6) Add your extension chain, back through your beads, pull tightly and crimp.

Step 7) Trim excess wire, and add crimp covers.

Step 8) On your headpin, string a saucer, 8mm bicone, and saucer.

Step 9) Wrap into the end of your extension chain.

Step 10) Cut off excess wire and wear.


Updated on 17 May 2024