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Golden Evening Out Bracelet Kit Instructions

Once you've unpacked your kit center half of your magnetic clasp onto your wire.

Bring your wires together and 5mm bicone, crimp tube, and 5mm bicone. 

Seperate your wires, and on each, add a small silver bead followed by a 4mm bicone.

Add a bridge spacer, followed by a bicone on each wire.  

Continue until all bridge spacers are used.  

Add a bicone and silver round onto each of the wires.

Bring your wires together thru a 5mm bicone, crimp tube, and 5mm bicone.

Check sizing and adjust as needed.

Add your clasp, backing through your bicone, crimp and bicone.

Pull tightly and crimp.

Trim excess wire, and add crimp covers.


Updated on 16 Jan 2023